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John MacBride1865  John MacBride was born in Co Mayo on this day in 1865. He was one of the Irish nationalists that took part in the Easter Rising, where members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood took control of several major buildings in Dublin and declared Ireland an independent republic. MacBride was one of the rebels executed by the British authorities once they had regained control of the city. The Easter Rising is considered to be of the most significant events in Irish history.

MacBride was also married to Maud Gonne, a beautiful actress who was the muse for Irish poet WB Yeats, who spent much of his life trying to marry her.

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An Oige Hostel1931 An Óige, the Irish Youth Hostel Association, was founded on this day in 1931. It began by opening its first hostel in Co Wicklow “to encourage all (but particularly young people) to appreciate the Irish countryside through hostelling”.

There are now more than 20 youth hostels across Ireland for people to use when visiting the country.

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1936 Tony O’Reilly was born in Dublin on this day in 1936. He was a former professional rugby player and made 29 appearances for the Republic of Ireland in the 1950s and 60s. However, O’Reilly is more notable for his business achievements.

In the 1970s, O’Reilly bought shares in the Independent News & Media Group, who own several media companies such as newspapers and radio stations across Europe. He has also worked as the chairman for the Heinz, the food company famous around the world for its baked beans and tomato sauce.

O’Reilly is estimated to be worth more than €1billion and is one of the country’s richest people.

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1945 Happy birthday to Christy Moore, born in Co Kildare on this day in 1945. He is one of the most popular musicians in Ireland. He was a founding member of the folk group Planxty and has also had a distinguished solo career. In 2007 Moore was named as Ireland’s greatest living musician in RTÉ’s People of the Year Awards.

Christy Moore Irish musician

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Christy Moore and Shane MacGowan(Pogues) perform Spancil Hill.

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Whiteside1965  Happy birthday to Norman Whiteside, born on this day in 1965 in Belfast. He was a professional footballer for Manchester United in the 1980s, after being spotted by the same scout who unearthed George Best.

Whiteside also played in two World Cups for Northern Ireland, scoring a goal in a 1-1 draw with Algeria in 1986.

Unfortunately, injury cut Whiteside’s career short when he was just 26. He now works as a host for Manchester United Football Club for corporate match day guests.

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1977 Happy birthday to Lisa Kelly, born on this day in Dublin in 1977. She is a singer and musician and has had an illustrious career in music. It began on the stage, when she played the lead in numerous musicals including Sandy in Grease, Velma in Chicago and Maria in West Side Story.

Lisa Kelly with Celtic Woman sings “Caledonia” at the Slane Castle, Ireland.

Kelly then became the lead singer with the Riverdance after it became a global sensation following a brief performance at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. She then became one of the founding members of Irish girl group Celtic Woman, who have sold more than six million albums worldwide.

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