The Madness from Within – Part Three

RTÉ presenter and journalist Bryan Dobson investigates the Irish Civil War in the documentary The Madness from Within.

The title is taken from a comment used by Richard Mulcahy, the Irish Free State Government Minister for Defence during the War.Irish Civil War. The Madness from Within Part Three. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Part Three takes a closer look at the damage that was caused by the War, mostly in the city of Dublin. The Free State troops then forced the IRA to move south and the fighting continued in Cork, with the death of Michael Collins occurring in his home county.

The Madness from Within

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We hope this video will inspire you to delve into Irish history further and gain a better understanding of the real-life circumstances your ancestors lived in. Many people enjoy learning about Irish history as part of researching their own genealogy and building their family tree.

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