Bullying British demands over Irish border set to backfire and could help Ireland

The new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson swept into office with a fanfare of flowery patriotic speeches evoking the spirit of his hero Churchill…promising a do or die attitude that would strike terror into the hearts of the European Union, which would immediately crumble and give him the kind of cake and eat Brexit deal he promised in the referendum campaign three years.

In the real world, however, the picture looks very different. Across Europe, Johnson’s rhetoric is seen for what it really is: a lot of bluster designed to rally his support back home, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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American politicians ‘rallying to support Ireland’ could spoil British PM’s Brexit dream

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson swept into power by promising to take Britain out of the European Union and deliver a lucrative trade deal with the United States.

While it sounded good during Johnson’s election campaign, it’s a promise that may prove difficult, if not impossible, to fulfil.

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British PM may ask Germany and France ‘to bully Ireland’ over Brexit

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson may ask Germany and France to bully Ireland into compromising over the main stumbling blocks preventing the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, according to reports in the Irish media.

Johnson is a controversial figure in the UK with supporters claiming he brings personality to the dull world of politics, while his detractors claim he is unfit to be Prime Minister given that he has been sacked twice in his career for lying – once for making up quotes for a newspaper and on another occasion for denying that he’d an extra-marital affair.

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Four unknown Irish soldiers buried 100 years after their deaths in The Great War

Burial services for four unknown Irish soldiers who died during the First World War have taken place on the Western Front.

The first of two separate services took place at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s (CWGC) Messines Ridge British Cemetery near Ypres, Belgium on Tuesday 19th March with a second burial taking place on Wednesday 20th March at Guillemont Road Cemetery, on the Somme in France.

Colonel Des Bergin representing the Irish Embassy and Lieutenant Colonel Ret'd Dominic Hancock of the British Embassy lay wreaths at the graveside

The services, organised by the MOD’s Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC), part of Defence Business Services (DBS), were conducted by the Reverend Nathan King CF, Chaplain to 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment. The bearer party at each service was composed of members of 1st and 2nd Battalions of The Royal Irish Regiment.

Despite extensive research, it was not possible for the JCCC to identify any of these soldiers due to the high numbers of casualties in both areas.

Rosie Barron, JCCC said: “It has been a privilege to organise these two services and to work with The Royal Irish Regiment to ensure these Irish soldiers have had the burial they deserve. Although their identities remain unknown, they are now at rest alongside their comrades and their sacrifices will not be forgotten.”

The first service (19 March) saw a soldier of The Royal Irish Rifles and an unknown soldier of an unknown regiment, laid to rest at Messines Ridge British Cemetery. The remains of these two soldiers had been discovered during work to widen a drainage ditch south west of the town of Wijtschate. Research, conducted by JCCC, shows they were most likely killed in either June 1917, during the Battle of Messines or in April 1918, during the Battle of the Lys.

The second burial service was for a soldier of The Connaught Rangers and an unknown soldier of an unknown regiment at Guillemont Road Cemetery. The remains of these two soldiers had been uncovered during work on a wind turbine project near the village of Guillemont. They are believed to have been killed in September 1916.

The Reverend Nathan King, said: “For our services of burial, we have commended the treasured remains of soldiers lost in conflicts of the First World War. These are moving events and reaffirm the loss incurred in conflict, for those killed and the sense of loss suffered by family members. Although soldiers die, some of them unknown, their lives are celebrated here, and their souls offered to God, as held in the beliefs of the Christian faith. People are never forgotten, and their lives honoured.”

Paul Bird, CWGC Recovery Officer said: “Although it has not been possible to identify these four soldiers, their service and sacrifice has not been forgotten. They have been laid to rest with respect and dignity alongside their comrades in Messines Ridge British Cemetery and Guillemont Road Cemetery. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission will proudly mark and care for their graves, together with all of those who served and fell, in perpetuity.”

More than 200,000 Irish soldiers fought with the British Army during the First World War. Many of them had been members of the Irish Volunteer Force, which had been set up to fight for Irish independence. They went to war after receiving assurances from the British government that Ireland would be granted Home Rule once the war ended.

However, the Easter Rising of 1916 changed the course of Irish history, with rebels demanding complete independence from Britain rather than just Home Rule, while still being answerable to the British government. Many of the Irish soldiers who fought in the war felt alienated when they returned to an Ireland that had changed completely since they had left four years earlier.

It is only in recent years that Ireland has been able to acknowledge and honour the part played by Irish soldiers in the British Army more than 100 years ago.

Brexiter starts petition to get Ireland to re-join the United Kingdom

Just when you think that Britain’s confused arrogance over Brexit must have reached its limit… something else happens to show you that there’s still some way to go.

The latest episode is a petition created by Brexit supporter Scott Packer urging the UK government to invite the Republic of Ireland to rejoin the United Kingdom as a way of resolving the current problem of the Northern Ireland border.

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Irish bookie responds to British criticism of Ireland with mocking ad in Brexit supporting paper

Ireland has recently been subjected to growing anger and criticism from Brexit supporters frustrated by their inability to get the kind of deal they want as Britain leaves the European Union.

The onslaught has led to a caustic response from the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, which is also one of the major gambling outlets in the UK.

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