Thousands look up newly available records of their Irish ancestors

Thousands of people have been logging on to the Irish Genealogy website this week hoping to find some new information about their family history.

Ireland’s General Register Office released 27 million records of births, marriages and deaths all the way up to 2013. The birth index goes back to 1900, the marriage index back to 1903 and the death index back to 1966.

Genealogy - records online Annie Moore photo Ireland Calling

It is thanks to the government’s Civil Registration Amendment Bill 2014, which removes obstacles to public access of records.

Arts and Heritage Minister Jimmy Deenihan said: “Genealogy is an important way of connecting with those abroad who wish to trace their roots and also permitting those here in Ireland to establish their family history.

“It can also be of significant economic benefit to the country in the development of cultural tourism and in attracting visitors to Ireland to trace their ancestry, visit their ancestral homes etc. In addition, genealogy is also immensely important from a social history perspective”.

The website is now by far the largest Irish genealogy resource available online.

There are millions of people of Irish descent across the world and it is expected that this new resource will encourage many to start researching their family history.

7 thoughts on “Thousands look up newly available records of their Irish ancestors”

  1. But where do we look to find the records of ancestors who immigrated to the USA in the mid 1800\’s?

  2. My Nana was born in 1892, an emigrated to the USA in roughly 1907. Will they ever take the birth records back that far?

  3. Not sure when or which of my relatives came over to the states from Ireland, also heard they could have immigrated to Canada first then the state\’s or vise versa. Not sure where ir howto begin. Could use suggestions or even better some help.

  4. Iknow my great grandfather was from Ireland. He fought here during our great Civil War. He later joined Mcneills Rangers and is buried in a cemetary In Springfield West Virginia. His name was Patrick Kenny. How do I find his birthplace in Ireland, with that being such a common name?

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