Comedian slaps down ignorant British attitude to ‘Irish Border’

Comedian slaps down ignorant British attitude to ‘Irish Border’

Guest writer, Nick Sinnott

The British may insist Northern Ireland is part of the UK but the Brexit confusion has made it clear that many of them haven’t a clue about Ireland, its borders or its history.

Comedian slaps down ignorant British attitude to ‘Irish Border’

The former UK Brexit secretary David Davis walked into a storm of protest when he seemed to suggest that Ireland was part of the UK.

Brexit campaigner Daniel Hannan MEP scoffed at their being any trade difficulties between Northern Ireland and the Republic by saying on Twitter that no one wanted to create a border in Ireland after a hundred years without one… seemingly ignorant of the fact there had been a border since the British partitioned Ireland in 1921 – a border that was the scene of bombings and murders throughout the Troubles.

British Prime Minister Theresa May showed recently that she too could be ignorant and insensitive when she criticised an EU proposal that any trade border between the UK and the EU should be in the Irish Sea rather than along the current Northern Ireland border.

This proposal is unacceptable to Ulster Unionists and Mrs May was quick to show how tough she wanted to be in protecting the integrity of the UK by saying that she would never agree to anything “which effectively divides our country in two”.

Fine words, perhaps, but somewhat insensitive in the circumstances seeing that Britain had divided Ireland in two against the wishes of the majority of its people.

It seems this woeful display of ignorance got too much for Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell when he appeared on the BBC satirical show, The News Quiz. The host asked him if he had a solution for the Irish border problem.

Maxwell’s reply was brief but cutting and was met with enthusiastic applause: “Number one, it’s not the Irish border, it’s the British border in Ireland. The Irish border is the beach.”

He added: “We’re getting a little bit tired in Ireland of all this getting passed onto us. We – along with everyone in the EU – did our homework two years ago, you’re (UK) still on the bus on the way to school.”

The comments went down well both in Ireland and Brexit opponents in the UK.

You can listen to the episode of The News Quiz on the BBC iPlayer.

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  1. Over 400 years ago the ‘British’ wishing to put down the rebellious Irish once and for all raised a MERCENARY ARMY of PROTESTANT SCOTS and chopped dwn all the Northern Irish forests and killed all the IRISHMEN living there. As a reward the PROTESTANT SCOTS were given all the land taken from the IRISHMEN and were established by the British as the DOMINANT force in Northern Ireland. Because of the PROTESTANTISM and SCOTTISH TRIBALISM this OCCUPYING force never intermarried nor INTEGRATED with the ‘Local’ Community in all those 400 years. Fast forward to the 1920’s and the formation of Eire the SCOTTISH PROTESTANT NORTHERN IRISH dwellers threatened to FIGHT the British to remain British. They were well armed by many of the ENGLISH ARISTOCRACY who owned extensive lands in Ireland. So Sir Winston Churchill ENGINEERED a compromise SIX out of NINE Northern Ireland Counties, they could not tale more for fear of their being a CATHOLIC MAJORITY, were handed over to the TRIBAL CONTROL of the SCOTTISH PROTESTANT INVADERS thus perpetuating all the continued VIOLENCE.

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