Britain must not be a colony – says man who celebrates Britain’s colonisation of others

The British pride themselves on their sense of irony but sometimes it seems to fail them completely.

Brexit has made those failures more commonplace. For example, at the start of the Brexit negotiating process, the Leave campaigners boasted they could get any deal they wanted because Britain was so powerful that the EU they would roll over and accept their demands, no matter how unreasonable.Having taken this aggressive approach, they then acted hurt and surprised when the EU refused to cave in, and, with no trace of irony, even went on to accuse the EU of being aggressive to the point of bullying.

One of the worst perpetrators of this bizarre double speak is Boris Johnson, the man who led the official Leave campaign, making outlandish claims, such as Brexit would enable Britain to spend an extra £350million a week on its health service – a promise that has not been fulfilled and is now ignored. The issue is important because the health care is free in the UK and most people don’t have or need health insurance. Instead, the National Health Service is funded through general taxation, but in recent years it’s been underfunded putting huge strain on the system.

Johnson has been very critical of Prime Minister Theresa May’s willingness to compromise with the EU in an attempt to get a deal that protects British jobs and trade, again missing out on the irony in the fact that for two years he was in government alongside Mrs May agreeing to those very compromises.

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Mrs May’s final deal has also upset the flamboyant Johnson. Having described Northern Ireland as a gnat of a problem, he’s now angry that Mrs May looks like staying in a customs arrangement with the EU and accepting some EU regulations as a way of avoiding the need for a hard border between the North and the Republic.

The problem is that Britain will be agreeing to EU regulations, without having a say in making them.

Johnson, who has often celebrated the achievements of the British Empire, which colonised Ireland and countries across the world, then acts appalled that May’s Brexit deal would see Britain becoming a ‘colony’ itself.

Without a trace of irony he tweeted:

“No one is fooled by this theatre. Delay after staged managed delay. A deal will be reached and it will mean surrender by the UK. We will be doomed to remain in the customs union and under Brussels’ regulatory control. People did not vote for colony status.”

It’s too much to hope that he might one day stop to reflect that countries across the globe from Ireland to India did not ‘vote’ to be colonised by the British Empire he admires so much.

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