British politician mocked online for Irish history clanger

British politician mocked online for Irish history clanger

A British politician has found himself as the butt of several online jokes after his ignorance over Irish history sparked a series of sarcastic tweets.

Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan was tweeting about the ongoing saga of Britain leaving the EU.

British politician mocked online for Irish history clanger

He tried to reference Irish history to make his point about Britain leaving the EU, but got his facts truly wrong when he suggested that Fianna Fail had won every election in Ireland since 1932.

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Had Mr Hannan done a bit of research he would have found that Fine Gael have actually been in power in Ireland on six separate occasions during that time.

The inaccuracy was pointed out to Mr Hannan by several Twitter users.

However, instead of admitting his mistake, Mr Hannan explained it away by saying that “historians necessarily have different takes on the same event. Please try to accept that yours is not the only interpretation.”

The slip was enough for plenty of Twitter users to take the opportunity to poke fun at Hannan, re-writing history as they chose, all with the hashtag #HannanIrishHistory.

Here are a few of the most comical.

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